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There are many ways to drink awamori. It can be consumed straight, on the rocks, topped with hot or cold water as well as mixed into various cocktails. Perhaps the most famous awamori is habushu or snake liquor. Pit vipers are soaked in awamori, herbs, and honey. It is said to have a medicinal effect and help with the libido. Hanazake or flower sake is a type of awamori with a high alcohol content taken

straight. There are also awamori infused with flavors such as shikuwasa, (a citrus fruit), ume (plum), coffee, passion fruit and mango. 

In addition, koregusu is a hot sauce made from steeping chili peppers in the awamori. It is used on everything from fried rice to Okinawan noodles. And finally, awamori and koji blend together to make special tofu.

Awamori is also used readily in cooking. Perhaps one of its most popular uses is in Rafute (Shoyu Pork), a simmered pork belly dish where the pork is cooked in the awamori. When used in cooking, the awamori opens up new flavors in a way that is not intrusive. It disappears into broths, sauces and meats but the end result is a dish with unique and fresh flavors.


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