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In the beginning, awamori was reserved only for royalty. It was a way to strengthen the relations between the Ryukyu Kingdom and their powerful neighbors, Japan and China. Over time, this humble spirit became a part of Okinawa’s everyday life, but it did not lose the value of bringing people together and strengthening bonds. ​

The way awamori is consumed and even the cups it is served in fosters connection. Traditionally, awamori was served in sake cups called a chibuguwa. These cups are tiny and fit nicely between two fingertips. Because of their small size, people moved closer to each other in order to have a toast. And when drinking awamori, this spirit was meant to be sipped, rather than gulped down in one shot. The idea is that while sipping, you are also engaging in and enjoying the conversation before you. Not only is awamori a living history, it is a source of cultural pride, and connection among family, friends, and colleagues.


The heart of Aloha Awamori brings people together !


The Heart of Awamori . . .
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