Kuba Awamori + You

When I visited a small village in the mountains of Okinawa, there was a small awamori distillery. I asked the elderly women what type of alcohol business are you in?  Her answer took me by surprise.  She said "Awamori" but we are really not in the alcohol business, we are in the relationship business!  She continued, awamori is simply a tangible means to connect with people and people is what makes the world go round.  Once we connect, it offers a platform to share our unique Okinawan culture and learn about each others culture. We utilize awamori as an instrument, a tool, a vehicle to bring people together.  Once we connect we create dialogue.  Dialogue leads to conversation.  Conversation leads to rapport.  And rapport leads to collaboration.  By collaborating, we can do anything, nothing is impossible.  Kuba Awamori is about cultivating relationships.  It is Kuba Awamori's way of changing poison into medicine.  This is the true essence and culture of Kuba Awamori.