Gift of Quality !

Awamori is the red wine of choice for the longest living human beings in the civilized world today according to the Blue Zones.  One of the unique features of awamori involves the black koji mold. This mold generates a large amount of citric acid.  The koji mold is indigenous to Okinawa. Thai indicia rice is used instead of Japanese rice because Thai rice, being hard and smooth, can facilitate the extension of the hyphae of the black koji mold. In other words, it makes the production of malted rice superior.  More than anything, awamori is characterized by its long-term storage or aging of awamori, which allows its ingredients to mature and add a mellow savor to it. If stored for three years or longer, awamori can be referred to as kusu, or aged spirit.

This gift you are about to offer someone special is handcrafted, made by skilled people who honor the cultural tradition of kaizen;  improvement every moment, by everyone, and everywhere.  It is not mass produced and found on every retail shelf.  It is only found here online and selected specialty stores who are of the same mindset as our mission.

Be it luck, chance, or destiny we united, please join us on our journey to connect with other like minded people bringing peace and goodwill to your community through the tangible means of sipping Kuba Awamori together.