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Specially blended for the hard working driven professional who follows the BEAT OF A DIFFERENT DRUMMER

Cynthia from Chicago said it best:  "After a hard day's work wrestling with demanding clients and office politics, I settle down in my quiet condo, treat myself with a glass of ten year aged Kuba Awamori.  I turn down the lights, Marvin Gaye is singing his "What's Going On"classic in the background . . . heaven!

If your like Cynthia, you went head on battling your competition, showed your skeptics your someone to contend with, and most of all, never gave up when they all wanted you too.

You deserve this one of a kind awamori not even your
business associates know about.

Whiskey lovers "love" this aged distilled spirit from a faraway island between the South China Sea and Pacific Ocean called Okinawa.

This quality aged awamori contains 40% less calories than other spirits, it has no impurities, no bite, no congeners or artificial ingredients.  It is a pure, natural, handcrafted spirit not massed produced like commercial beverages, made in small batches to control quality called "pot distilling."  

43% Awamori is aged ten years in a Kame (earthenware pot) in Okinawa.  Shipped in bulk on March 11, 2021 to Hawaii.  Conditioned with Hawaii Kiawe charcoal on March 23, 2019 in Honolulu.  Bottled May 3, 2019 in Honolulu, Hawaii.  It is conditioned in Hawaii with the hardest wood in the islands called "Kiawe."  In ancient times, the Hawaiians used Kiawe wood in their "Imu" or underground oven to cook their meals.

Produced in Nakijin, Okinawa by Nakijin Shuzo awamori distillery.  Aged 10 years before ship-out to Hawaii.  Brought in bulk to Honolulu for refinement before bottling.  Enjoy sipping straight, Okinawan's believe one ounce of pure awamori a day increases blood circulation eliminating THROMBOSIS, more effective than polyphenols in wine.

Best Sipping Results:

  • Pour straight into a whiskey glass at room temperature to enjoy its aroma, texture, and taste
  • Add ice if you would like a hint of chill

Kuba Awamori 43% Aged Ten Years contains:

  • 375 ml bottle, cork top finish.  Great gift for any significant celebration
  • Aged in a specially created pot called a "Kame" which is a combination of earthenware and stoneware pottery techniques mastered in Okinawa
  • The Kame is based on the same theory as the "The Butterfly Effect"

A distilled spirit is the most concentrated fluid. When the distilled spirit (awamori) remains in the kame for long periods of time, the essence of the spirit adapt its “character” to the energy of the conduit (kame). The longer the awamori is in the kame, the more changes in its molecular structure. The result, “maturity” of a living substance creating a smooth taste and a balanced aroma.

It follows the same principle as The Butterfly Effect. Click to learn more