Choosing an Awamori

Here are nine things you should know before
you start consuming Kuba Awamori

1)  Awamori is a distilled spirit made in Okinawa.  AWA means bubbles.  MORI are the swelling of the bubbles during the manufacturing process.  In the old days, the height of the bubbles determined the alcohol percentage.  The higher the bubbles, the stronger the awamori.

2)  Awamori is the first distilled spirit ever produced in all of Japan, even before its cousin shochu.  Awamori has a deep history, it can be traced back to over 700 years when Okinawa was a kingdom.  It survived food famine, power struggles and world wars.  Yet, awamori continues to keep its cultural intent of bringing people together for peace and goodwill.

3)  Kuba Awamori has 40% less calories than other distilled spirits.  The reason, it is made from superior ingredients, no short cuts . . . strong foundation, quality results.

4)  Kuba are made in small batches called "pot" distilling to control quality.  Not mass produced to meet the bottom line.  By distilling in small batches, purity is heightened.  No artificial ingredients, pesticides, or impurities.

5)  Kuba Handcrafted Vintage Awamori are aged in earthenware pots called a "Kame."  Aging it 3 years or more matures the spirit, elevating its aroma, texture, and taste. The Kame's are skillfully created to contain the liquid, yet breath naturally much like whiskey in an oak barrel.

6)  Awamori is versatile enough to be used in cooking.  The most popular dish is RAFUTE, in Hawaii we call this SHOYU PORK.  When used in cooking, it eliminates impurities, tenderizes the dish, and opens up new flavors. The alcohol evaporates but the awamori contents dissipates into the sauces, broths, meats, and vegetables intensifying the flavors.  The end result is a dish unique with fresh flavors.  For unique awamori recipes, click on our section of Recipes

7)  Kuba Awamori is really not in the liquor business, we are in the "relationship business."  We utilize awamori as a tangible means to connect with people.  Once connected, it provides a platform to create sincere dialogue, which leads to rapport, with strong rapport we are able to collaborate.  With collaboration, we can do anything, nothing is impossible.  Cultivating relationships is the essence of the awamori culture.

8)  Kuba Awamori is utilized as a cultural tool rather than a business product, therefore, it is produced with no impurities (congeners) for the best interest of people, not the bottom line.

9)  Every country has its cheer.  Spain and Mexico say SALUD. Japan they say KOMPAI.  America CHEERS.  In Okinawa they say KARII.  Which simply means:  All that is good, all that is right, and all that is at Peace